Atheist Reason

Atheist Reason

– That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

– Christopher Hitchens.
Therefore you can logically conclude, God does not NEED to be proven. (But an atheist will invariably claim there is not god then they try to shift burden by saying you cannot prove a negative itself a fallacy)

To which you can logically say to the atheist:

– An atheist opinion asserted on philosophy, can be accepted or dismissed without justification to warrant it.

– George Arnold.


Can you Prove a Belief?

Think about that…

Mathematics can prove equations just ask an Atheist for proof of evolution. Science uses evidence to support theories and how many times have I seen Atheists asking for evidence of god? Theology and the arts use justification to warrant beliefs and probabilities.


Theory of justification is a part of epistemology, the arts, metaphysics and theology that attempts to understand the justification of propositions and beliefs. Epistemologists are concerned with various epistemic features of belief, which include the ideas of justification, warrant, rationality, and probability.


If you’re going to apply logic at least use the proper format.


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