Born Agnostic

Born Agnostic


Quotes from my last questions titled “Were you born atheist or theist?” names with held to protect the stupid.

“A baby has a definite lack of belief in god(s), a baby by default is an atheist.”
“I was born an atheist. My family was religious, I was baptized right away.”
“Pigeons ARE technically atheists, since they don’t believe in gods (as far as we know.)”

From the sane side:

“If no one introduced you to the concept of god, you would not even know it existed.”
“I’m pretty sure babies know nothing about religion considering they cant even distinguish edible from inedible yet.”
“Babies have no knowledge of god, let alone the where with all to decide if one exists”

And one Brilliant question from a viewer.

“Since you clearly seem to think that this is the correct answer George… would you care to explain to everyone here just HOW a newborn infant came to this very sophisticated conclusion? Which requires a complex understanding of the concepts of both God, agnosticism, and rationalism?”

How complex is the idea babies know nothing about god? They have formed no beliefs. What are you not getting about this stuff? They first need to learn about a god to even be able to have an opinion on whether or not a god exists in the first place. I can only speak for myself when I as when I was born I was so dumbfounded I never even spoke for the first 18 months let alone formed an opinion on a god I have no idea is claimed to be existing.

Could I give an opinion on a new theory I don’t know was thought up? ” I don’t believe the qwerty theory is correct! Whats that? I have no idea but I don’t agree by default!” …..

You are born knowing nothing.

You are taught about god

Then LASTLY you form a lack of belief based on the belief you formerly held

And at the end of the day you know nothing and I know you know nothing… Closet agnostic?


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