Lack of belief in Oden

If atheist fundies believe Oden does not exist what do they base their conclusion on?

There is no proof Oden exists
and no proof Oden does not exist

That leaves no evidence upon which to draw a logical conclusion either way?
So no side can be more correct than the other and both equally wrong.

Hell of a way to run an argument. Two sides arguing about which side is more wrong?


Or I suppose you can make the existence of pink unicorns the center-piece of a philosophical critique.

By saying:
There is no proof pink unicorns exists
and no proof pink unicorns does not exist

Like it makes any real distinction in a logical manner. They both remain equally wrong.


4 responses

  1. You seem to be misidentifying the problem. No one is saying that there is no oden (god). We’re just saying, it’s a little bit weird that people have been claiming this type of stuff for thousands of years and not one of the proposed odens (gods) have been proven.

    • No you seem to have no idea what you are talking about. You see the vast majority of believers are just that “BELIEVERS” They chose to believe in god. Its atheists who “CLAIM” the Believers make a claim and they claim lack of belief to deflect having to prove anything.

      Its kind of like in a court of law the believers are innocent until they can be proven guilty.

      Not like the atheist kangaroo court where they are held as guilty until they can prove their innocence.

      Its like asking people who believe in ET’s to prove there are little green men.. alien grey’s these days I guess.

      My point is there is no conclusive proof either way. Its called a paradox…

  2. It is quite simple Jack, If I don’t know you can fly and I don’t know you can’t fly the I can only conclude with certainty that I don’t know if you can fly.

    Now you can jump to the conclusion that I can’t fly (or lack a belief there of 🙂 or perhaps you might believe that I can fly. But truth be told you don’t really know… I might just be a pilot.

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