Atheist Swag

Atheist Swag


What Swag of flavour flave of atheist fundie would you call yourself?

An atheist fundie (a fundamental belief in nothing) from Atheist and fundamental not to be confused with fundamentalist. A name that groups all the flavors into on category.

A gnostic atheist (knows all about nothing) not only believes there are no gods, he also claims to know there are no gods
An agnostic atheist (knows nothing about nothing) doesn’t believe in gods, but doesn’t claim to know there are no gods.

A negative atheist (thinks he might not know nothing) merely lacks a belief in gods. He is also called a weak atheist or an implicit atheist.

A positive atheist (thinks they might not know but does know nothing) not only lacks a belief in gods, but also affirms that no gods exist. He is also called a strong atheist or an explicit atheist.

A broad atheist (knows absolutely nothing) denies the existence of all gods: Zeus, Thor, Yahweh, Shiva, and so on.

A narrow atheist (knows everything but his prayers) denies the existence of the traditional Western omni-God who is all-good, all-knowing, and all-powerful.

An unfriendly atheist (nasty to everyone over nothing) believes no one is justified in believing that gods exist.

An indifferent atheist (doesn’t care about nothing) doesn’t have a belief on whether or not others are justified in believing that gods exist.

A friendly atheist (some people might know something) believes that some theists are justified in believing that gods exist.

A closet atheist (ashamed to tell everyone he knows nothing) has not yet revealed his disbelief to most people.

An open atheist (Can’t resist telling the world he knows nothing) has revealed his disbelief to most people.

A passive atheist ( Knows nothing and doesn’t feel the need to tell world about it) doesn’t believe in god but doesn’t try to influence the world in favor of atheism.

An evangelical atheist (preaches about nothing to anyone with a pulse) tries to persuade others to give up theistic belief.

An active atheist (wants to eradicate any opposition to nothing) labors on behalf of causes that specifically benefit atheists (but not necessarily just atheists). For example, he strives against discrimination toward atheists, or he strives in favor of separation of church and state.

A militant atheist (Clubs to promote nothing and eradicate any others who do not agree) uses violence to promote atheism or destroy religion. (Often, the term “militant atheist” is misapplied to non-violent evangelical atheists like Richard Dawkins. But to preserve the parallel with the “militant Christian” who bombs abortion clinics or the “militant Muslim” suicide bomber, I prefer the definition of “militant atheist” that assumes acts of violence. American Atheist Inc. Might be an example)


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